The musician made the announcement at the debut convention of the Modern Democratic Party (MDP) in Lagos. He said he was aware that it would not be easy to run away since he would face him.

“It is with the greatest sense of humility, purpose and destiny that I humbly announce to run for the 2019 Federal House of Representatives.

“I do not have any illusion that this race will be easy considering who we face, this is almost impossible.”

The award-winning singer chose the slogan “Hope 19” and entrusted the election process to “hope”.

“You see, my whole life has been a story of just dreaming dreams, praying for those dreams, setting goals and working until they come true. I can live trying and failing, I can not live without trying.

“They said that we do not have money to run, we say that our strength is in our numbers, they said that we do not have the structure, we say we will try to build it, they said” what happens if you lose? “I say, what if we win?

“So, why is it possible that we do not have a sponsor? We have God, vision, intellectual capacity, integrity, correct intentions and, last but not least, a lot of” Hope. ”

“At the end of the day,” Esperanza “may be all we have, but I think that’s all we need.”

Wellington added that the richest people in Nigeria live in the electoral district, therefore, Eti Osa is vital to the development of Nigeria.

“Eti Osa houses many wealthy people in Nigeria, therefore, for Nigeria to work, Eti Osa must work.

“We want to fix Nigeria, but we must start by fixing our communities.

“Our generation needs a realistic meeting point, we need to start in the communities, win the way to the system and climb the ladder.”

Banky W joins some artists and celebrities who have declared to run for public office in the 2019 general election, including Kanayo O, Kanayo and Shinna Peller. (NAN)

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