2019: EFCC, i know Buhari will not pardon me – Orji Kalu


The former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, said that what President Muhammadu Buhari would do to him if he in anyway asks him to stop his trial by the EFCC.

As Orji Kalu, was responding to a question on whether he joined the All Progress Congress, APC, in order to evade trial for alleged money laundering, in an interview.

A DAY INFO also noted that Kalu, who said: “I joined APC mainly because of Buhari. In 2003, I was with Buhari strongly. President Buhari would be angry and well bar me from coming to his house the moment i mentions that my case with the EFCC should be waved aside as a party member such request would create antipathy between him and Mr, President insisted i did not join the APC to be pardoned”.

“I endorsed Buhari openly in 2011, I did not join APC for Buhari to stop my trial. I know the man very well. I have never discussed my trial with Buhari and I will not discuss it with him because I have followed all legal processes; there is nobody in Buhari’s government that will say I have begged him or gone to his house to discuss my trial with him. I know that my trial is 100 per cent political and I know it is still political. “People are simply afraid of what I will do and I want to tell them to stop being afraid because I am created by the same God that created them.


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