5 Habits to Stop for a Healthier Skin…No 3 Will Shock You



Nonetheless, in recognition of National Healthy Skin Month this November, remember to ditch the following bad habits immediately. They may indeed be what is holding you back from achieving the healthy and beautiful skin you desire all year round.
(1) Not washing your sheets routinely 
The frequency in which you wash and change your sheets actually matters. If your sheets are not washed on a regular basis, then they can become an ideal environment for bacteria, germs, and other pathogens to thrive. Past studies analyzing microbial communities in the home revealed that the kind of bacteria and germs found on a pillow case are quite similar to the type found on a toilet seat.
If you rarely change your sheets, this is a call to action to break that habit immediately. When using the same sheets for long periods of time, you may expose your skin to a range of microbes that may lead to unwanted breakouts and varying levels of skin irritation. Be sure to always wash your sheets on a weekly basis to avoid unnecessary skin problems.

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