5 Habits to Stop for a Healthier Skin…No 3 Will Shock You


(4) Constant stress
There are times that the amount of stress that you face may be suffocating and difficult to bare. But if stress is constantly a major theme in your life, then it is absolutely essential to work towards better stress management techniques. Chronic stress is another factor that is known to not only accelerate aging of the skin, but it is also linked to acne formation. Stress hormones like cortisol may stimulate the production of certain oils known as sebum that may promote acne. If you are able to keep your stress and anxiety levels at bay, you will start to notice some improvement in the quality of your skin.
(5) Not drinking enough water
Living in a tropical climate in which one is usually faced with lots of heat and humidity, may render one more susceptible to dehydration. Our bodies have a continuous need for water and require adequate amounts of it in order to function optimally. Dehydration can have some damaging effects on the skin. It may not only lead to dry and dull skin, but it may also cause a loss of elasticity of the skin. Drinking water is an essential component of maintaining vibrant skin.
You don’t have to be rich or a celebrity to have beautiful and healthy skin. In order to protect and nurture your skin, continue to uphold good hygiene habits and take the necessary precautions to avoid those bad habits that can have a long-lasting damaging effect.

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