5 things you should avoid doing on the first date Very important

Making it to a second date and eventually more dates, is largely depending on the success of the first date.

Have you ever been a culprit of we-almost-dated-but-we-just-didn’t-get-past-the-first-date? I mean, your date turned out to be nothing you thought or imagined they were.

Everyone has expectations from, and of a partner and whether we hold it true or not, first impression will always count. A lot of friend-relationship don’t get to next level because of a first date gone wrong.

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Making it to a second date and eventually more dates, is largely depending on the success of the first date. If that is your goal, here are 5 things you should avoid doing on a first date:

1. Avoid revealing clothes

This is most especially for the ladies, you are not impressing your date by revealing your boobs or laps. You are only sending out a message that you are trashy and a go to girl for a quickie.

2. Checking your mobile phone every moment

Because of the numerous social media pages and other mobile apps, instead of getting bored, it is now easier to hide the excuse of “I’m just checking out what’s up” You go to a room full of strangers and 99% of them is busy with their phones! Except

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you are trying to zone your date out, doing this on a date is very impolite.






3. Talking only about yourself

It is quite easier to talk about yourself a lot, either to fill in the gaps or because your date is nice enough to really want to know about you. Whatever the case, let it be a fair deal, let your partner have the floor talking about themselves too.

4. Avoid getting too personal

Dates are meant to be fun and relaxing, so don’t start probing your date to get them talk about details of their life, there will be plenty room for that if you two decide to take it to the next level. Getting too personal is not exactly a good sign.

5. Avoid being suggestive

This may sound a little bit old school, but take our word for it, if you want the relationship to get to the next level, anything that suggests sex or any form of flirting is a no-no on a first date. You would only be setting yourself up on a wrong foot.

If you have gone on a date recently and have some important tips, please share in the comment section below.

Written by Oluwakemi Adetola