6 Important Ways on How to Write Your Breaking News Faster

No single day will miss breaking news. Statistics conducted by Forbes reveal 60% of daily news are breaking news.

How to write breaking news is a skill any news reporter should master in order to advance in his or her career. Missing too many breaking news will only lead you to writing a resume that will lead you to unemployment line. Here are six awesome ways that will help you write breaking news faster.

1. Ensure you Plan for the Story

Whenever you are leaving a newsroom to cover any Nigeria breaking news today now, ensure you use the time in the car to correctly plan what you will be saying. You are not yet on the scene of fire, ribbon cutting or news conference and you already have an idea about the story you are going to report on. Ensure you try to get focus on the story down to one sentence. This will be the basis for writing the breaking news lead whether you will be coming up with something for a TV news reporter to say or you will be writing web headlines.

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