9 Types Of Drinks & What They Say About The Girl Drinking Them




If one can say, girls mostly drink alcohol than boys which the girls also cannot deny it.

Every girl has her drink of choice, but what does that drink say about the girl drinking it?

Vodka Soda

Very concerned about the body and health, but loves blacking out still. Basic, as they say.

White Wine

White wine is red wine’s rowdy cousin. Being such a popular choice, it is used as the ammo for a budding woman’s alcoholic firearm. Most of the time, white wine is drank straight from the bottle or in crazy large quantities at a time. Girls who enjoy white wine are usually in their early twenties and use the stuff to pregame a night downtown or as Netflix binge fuel for shows you don’t care about. These girls are either crazy attractive or shouldn’t be seen in a tight dress. Did I mention that when I say “white wine,” I’m probably talking about moscato, being one of the only white wines women drink. Note: 10 & 9 are negated for true wine connoisseurs.

Vodka Pineapple

This woman is out with the girls. Though she may step out to perform awkward arm and hip-thrusting movements in a small circle with her other girlfriends, the most she’ll throw any dude’s way is a coy look and an adorable smile. Not totally opposed to meeting a man while out on the town, she’s far less likely to go home with one than many of her differently imbibing counterparts. If you’re lucky, she’ll give you her number, but three other girls will be standing less than two feet behind her, snickering, as she does so.

She almost definitely wears something colorful with frills or flow to express an avidly female attitude, and she loves getting greasy food on her way home from the bar while she and her friends discuss how reckless they’re being, calorie-wise.



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