MMM Subscribers ‘Cry and Beg’ Nigerian Lawmakers…What he said will Shock you

MMM Subscribers ‘Cry and Beg’ Nigerian Lawmakers…and this happened

In spite of the temporary closure of the operations of the controversial Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM), its subscribers are undaunted as they plan to meet with the House of Representatives’ committees on finance and banking and currency to seek for government’s recognition of the scheme,
NewTelegraph reports .

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The report revealed further that the MMM community in Abuja, who are planning to meet the lawmakers said it hopes to submit a proposal for the amendment of the Banking and Other Financial Institutions Acts (BOFIA) to legalise the operations of the scheme and similar money initiatives in the country.

This was made public by a member of the steering committee of the MMM community, Chief Mike Chukwuma, who added that MMM has helped immensely in easing the pains of recession.

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“We, the MMM family, are planning a meeting with the lawmakers in the House of Representatives. We want to discuss with both the committee on finance and that of banking and currency on the need to give MMM legal backing in the country.

“I am a beneficiary and I can attest to the fact that MMM came as a saviour to most of us; if not, the economic recession that this change government brought would have consumed most families.
“MMM has revived most businesses that were down, it has reunited families that were torn apart because of financial challenges and I can tell you it is putting food on our tables,” he explained.


Speaking further on the agenda of the meeting, Chukwuma disclosed that “we have engaged the services of financial experts and lawyers to draft a bill, which is aimed at amending the BOFIA law. We are educated people and we hope to engage the House members, being our representatives in the National Assembly.

We are mobilising our members from all over the country and they will all send representatives.”

Chukwuma, who said the interactive meeting would take place as soon as the National Assembly reconvenes from the Christmas and New Year holiday, explained that “at the moment, we are trying to establish contact with the Banking and Currency Committee chair, Hon. Jones Onyereri and his colleague in finance, and once we do that, we will reach an acceptable date.”

On the motion passed by the House, the MMM representative said: “We understand the concerns of the lawmakers and that is why we want this scheme legalised. We are aware that there are some fraudsters trying to use the scheme to dupe people, but it is normal with any human activity.

But like I said, that is why we want government to give it recognition for proper r egulation because I can assure you it is difficult to dissuade Nigerians from investing in MMM, especially those of us who have seen its usefulness.”

The legislators are yet to respond to the pleas of the MMM community as they are still on break.
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