A British doctor simply kills cancer in his last days I hope everyone will read and benefit.

I hope everyone will read and benefit how a British doctor simply kills cancer in his last days .. !!!
* Eat fruit on an empty stomach *
This will open your eyes! Read to the end … And then, send it to others on your list like I did today!

Dr. Stephen Mac treats cancer patients through an “unconventional” method and rescues many patients.
Before, he used solar energy to treat diseases of his patients and said: “I believe in the natural healing of the body against diseases.”
It is one of the strategies to treat cancer recently and the success rate in cancer treatment is approximately 80%.
* A cancer patient should know that a cure has already been found * and is * in the way we eat fruits *.

* Believe it or not *
I’m sorry for the hundreds of cancer patients who die with conventional treatments.
*Eat fruit*
We all think that eating fruit means: Buy fruit and cut it, and then simply eat it.
It is not what you think it is. It is important to know how and when to eat fruit.
What is the correct way to eat fruit?

“Do not eat fruit after eating”

“This should be taken, on an empty stomach”

“If you eat fruit on an empty stomach, it will play a very important role in detoxifying your body and providing a lot of energy to lose weight and other life activities”

“Fruit is the most important food”
Let’s say you ate two slices of bread and then you ate a slice of fruit.
The slice of fruit is ready to go directly from the stomach to the intestines, “but”

“He stopped it” because? Because he ate the bread before the fruit.

Meanwhile, all the food of bread and fruit will rot and ferment and turn into acid.

So, please, take the fruit on an empty stomach “or before meals”

You’ve heard that people complain:

“Every time I eat watermelon, I belch”

“Or, eating the fruit my stomach swells”

Even when I’m eating bananas, I feel like going to the bathroom … etc., etc.

“In fact, all these problems will NOT happen, if you eat the fruit on an empty stomach”

Because if you eat the fruit with a full stomach !, it will mix with other foods that are already in digestion and produce gas, and you will feel bloated!

* You will not have tremors, baldness, anger and black circles under your eyes,


All fruits become alkaline within our bodies according to Dr. Herbert Shelton, who conducted a series of research on the subject.

“If you control the correct way to eat fruits, you will have the secret of the longevity of beauty … Health, energy, happiness and a normal weight”

When you want to drink fruit juice

“Take only fresh fruit juice”
and not cans, bags or bottles
Do not drink the juice that has been heated.
Do not eat cooked fruits, because you will not get the most beneficial nutrients.
Cooking destroys vitamins.
But eating whole fruit is better than drinking juice.
If you want to drink fresh fruit juice, allow the juice to mix with the saliva before swallowing.

You can eat fruit only for 3 days to cleanse or detoxify the body.
Just eat fruit and drink fresh fruit juice in the course of 3 days and you will be surprised when they see you and your friends impressed.

“Small but strong kiwi”
This is a good source of potassium, magnesium and vitamin E in addition to fiber. Its vitamin C content is double that of orange.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Yes, although the apple has a low amount of vitamin C but contains antioxidants that promote the activity of vitamin “C”, which helps reduce the risk of colon cancer or a heart attack.
Strawberry: “Fruit of protection and prevention”

The strawberry contains the highest rate of antioxidants among the most important types of fruit. It also protects the body from the causes of cancer and blockage of blood vessels.

“The sweetest orange medicine”
If you eat between 2 and 4 oranges a day, this helps maintain health, prevent colds, reduce cholesterol, dissolve kidney stones and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

The most wonderful fruit that destroys thirst. It consists of 92% water and contains a giant dose of glutathione that helps strengthen the immune system.
The other nutrients found in melons are that they contain vitamin C and potassium.

“Guava and papaya: deserve the highest prices for containing vitamin C”
“Guava is also rich in fiber, which helps prevent constipation”

“Papaya is rich in carotene and is excellent for the eyes”

“Drinking cold water or cold drinks after eating means cancer”
Do you believe this?

“For those who like to drink cold water or cold drinks”

It can be delicious to have a bowl of cold water or cold drinks after a meal.
“However, cold water or drinks will harden

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