Actress Liz Anjorin Finally Reveals What Happened The Day She Met The Man That Dumped Her

Nollywood fashionable actress who simply acquired a variety rover autobiography has recounted how a person left her.

The person left her to marry a daughter of a commissioner’s good friend just because she was no person.

Under is what the star actress wrote on-line:

A man mentioned, I left FATIMA DANGOTE AND RAN AFTER ONE RONKE BCOS OF BIG BUMBUM 🤣😂🤣؂.. Truthfully I laughed and rolled on ground that makes me remembered how a man left me to marry a daughter of a good friend to a commissioner.

He mentioned to my good friend; who’s Lizzy’s father or mother?? Lizzy is EBA and that woman is Salad… so my good friend informed me that he requested her possibly she is going to select salad over eba??🤣😂.

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