Actress Lizzy Anjorin narrates her “journey into Islam”


“You are a bad person. You are always fond of collecting all the money her daughter used to send to Mama. I remember the day this Mama fell down on her way to your Church. I dont know how she sneaked into the Church because she had stroke”. I was very mad. Someone took me to 3 Churches that night, they all said she can’t be buried in their cemetery because she is not a member of their church. Hmmm…nigbayen ni mo mon pe aye leeee. We approached one God sent Pastor. He said, okay, he will help out but (…..) and even the coffin seller tripled his money. He brought the coffin around 2am. Mama was buried around 5am in the morning. But it was an Alfa that did the prayer for my mum. I got a call from someone that told me this shocking story. He said, Madam, all these pastors were called to buy land to use as a cemetery, they all refused. Some of the big churches you see around here don’t have a suitable and good environment to bury their members and the few ones that have cemetery have vowed not to allow anybody except their Church members. He told me many top secrets and I was shocked…my thought was how can we treat ourselves in such a cruel way….religion faaa..Oluwa ma ku suru oo..Then a guy said if Mama were to be a Muslim, they would have buried her before I arrive. It was that day I realised….that if you have money with no good savings or lands. You are a joker. Where you are buried, is where you will rest for ever. You live in High rise buildings and your grand kids can’t locate your tomb. Its awful….I swear. The so called Muslims were all over me and they stood by me. The 8days prayer was done by Muslims. Right there, one of the Alfa called me and said to me I heard you are the only child of Mama. Make sure you go to Hajj, talk to God and pray for your mother. Big thanks to Alhaji Dapo and Alhaji Ayegbami that arranged for my 1st trip to Hajj and Alfa Aremon that taught me some Arabic which I use to pray in Hajj and behold to God be the glory am a living witness. I never regret going to Hajj or ..Prt4 loading #ParentOverEvrything#IfTheDeadCanBeGiving2ndChance

I never regret going to Hajj or being identified with Islam but I love my Christian brothers/sisters. Because, they opened their doors for me many times when the hustle was real even till tomorrow. Thanks to everybody that has helped me to be strong. We will all live long in good health to witness success of our kids Insha Allah. Amin. #LifeofaSingleChild#islamislove#IfTheDeadCanBeGiving2ndChance#TakecareofyourparentIfyouHaveOne#politicInRealigionIsEvil

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