Actress Nkechi Emmanuel is in love with a fan Check This

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The actress, who admitted that she is dating her fan, revealed that she is also considering marrying him.

 Actress Nkechi Emmanuel

Nkechi Emmanuel, an actress who plays the role of ‘Nurse Titi’ in the “Clinic Matters”, has disclosed that she is in love with her fan.

The actress also revealed that the fan is quite supportive of her profession, something she considers essential in her choice in men.

Emmanuel, who suggested that she has no qualms marrying the fan, stated this in a recent chat with Punch News.

“Love doesn’t have a boundary. If I fall in love with a fan, of course nothing stops me from marrying him. The person who I am seeing right now is a fan.

“He is someone who loves what I do 100 per cent and supports me.

“So far, my loved ones and family are in support of what I do. I do not even think the man that would get married to me can ask me to quit acting but if it happens, I cannot really say this is what I would do. But it would not happen.”

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Actress Nkechi Emmanuel

The actress wasn’t the bit reserved when it came to discussing the financial potential of who she can get married to.

He has to be God fearing, intelligent, handsome and definitely not poor



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