Anambra Polls: Prophet Who Predicted Victory For PDP Talks on Failed Prophecy

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi has explained why his prophecy that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would win the recently-held Anambra governorship election, did not come to pass.


The General Overseer of the King of Kings Deliverance Church, Prophet Konum Olekpa, has explained why Governor Willie Obiano emerged winner in the November 18 Anambra governorship poll, after predicting victory for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Osaeloka Obaze.
Speaking while explaining the turn of events, Prophet Olekpa said the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) retained the governorship seat because Governor Obiano “made a huge sacrifice”.
He said; “That was what the Lord said; I am not the one who said it. But in the spirit realm the battle turned and that was the reason why the PDP could not succeed. Again the PDP did not do what was right, that is the reason why they could not claim the power.

“In the Bible, According to the Book of second Kings Chapter 3 from verse 17, if you read it down you will see where Elijah gave a prophecy concerning how the children of Israel were going to take over the King of Noab and posses their possession and eventually when the King of Noab saw that battle was against him, he offered a sacrifice of his first son that was supposed to succeed him and the battle turned against the Israelites and the Israelites ran back.

“If you look at the prophecy, you will say that Elijah did not prophecies well but there were some sacrifices that some men did that turned maters around in the spirit realm and the lord is telling me that Obiano went beyond imagination to do a huge sacrifice. That was the reason why the battle turned in the spirit realm,” Chukwudi said.
Asked what the sacrifice was, Chukwudi said “No it’s a sacrifice; it’s not something I can mention in the media. But the PDP did not do what it was supposed to do.”
The cleric further clarified that Obaze did not lose the election because the PDP imposed him on the rest of the party.
“Obaze was the right one chosen by God. It was not imposition. The reason why he failed was because the PDP did not do what they were supposed to do. When God prophesies, you have to play your own card well.

“Obiano offered a huge sacrifice that was beyond other candidates, that was what turned the matter in the spiritual realm. It was a spiritual warfare that Obiano used to defeat them,” he said.

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