Even though it was clear that the Housemates wanted BamBam and Teddy A out of the game judging by their nominations, they don’t feel any type of way about their departure.

The remaining Housemates are carrying on with their stay in the House as if nothing had happened.

Housemate’s perspective

Shortly after Teddy A was evicted, Ebuka advised the Housemates to have one perspective and that is one of a Housemates and knowing the Housemates have on numerous occasions tried to guess Biggie’s moves and failed miserably, he further added that they must just enjoy the game.

However, no one could have anticipated that life would go on so soon. Not a single tear was shed which only explains that its nothing but joy that competition had been eliminated

The aftermath of BamTeddy

Both have mentioned that their feeling for each other are of mutual understanding and right now nothing is clear going forward. BamBam however has expressed that she wouldn’t mind because she had come to like Teddy A so much but won’t hold her breath on that because she’s knew the situation from the get go. The Eviction shockwave, if there was any was quickly replaced by chatting and bonding session, a lowkey ‘mission accomplished‘ maybe?

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