Biafra: Catholic priest reveals why Nnamdi Kanu cannot lead Igbos

Describing the Biafra agitation as unnecessary, the priest urged agitators to be wary of their actions

He said, “Before 2013, I have never heard of this boy called Nnamdi Kanu. Nobody knows his address in UK. Nobody knows where he works. Nobody knows the business he does.

“Nobody knows his qualifications. Such persona non grata who has no antecedent and pedigree cannot represent or lead Igbos.

“He is not qualified to speak for the Igbos. He came from nowhere and lured pure-water sellers, mechanics, bus-conductors, Ikoku spare-parts traders, bricklayers, commercial bus and taxi drivers, hawkers, GSM repairers and other petty traders and artisans out of their source of livelihood into senseless activity called ‘Biafra Agitation’.

“Now, lives had been lost. Some people have been killed. What have they now gained?!

“Those who are calling for crisis, fanning the embers of war with the belief that USA, UK and UN will come to their rescue/support should go and ask Libya, Sudan, Eritrea, Rwanda etc what UN did for them in their times of crises?”

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