The indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, yesterday storm CKC Aba in the State of Abia, the Cathedral of Christ the King, reported on what really happened during the mass service in the church.

The rev. FR, who is in charge of the Church, told members of the Church's mass to pray for a successful election in Nigeria in 2019, but little did he know that nobody likes Nigeria again without talking about the election, while the REV. FR did not know that many people in any church in the land of Biafra is a fellow Biafrans, so the people in the mass got upset with the Father's speech. The members of the speech began to shout and said: "We are not going to go". I know that everywhere I was covered with IPOB flags and Biafra materials by the people closest to me.

There were loud cries everywhere in the Church until REV. Immediately after being confused until other Reverend Fathers joined and apologized to the members of the Church they said they had accepted, there will be no election in the land of Biafra, then the suture was calm and calm.

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