Bishop Kukah Bitterly Laments Over Division Among Nigerian Christians

Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, on Friday expressed sadness with the discrimination and divisions among Nigerian faithful.

According to him, Nigeria has been on trial in the last few years.

Kukah spoke in Sokoto at the ordination of three deacons and the re-dedication of Holy Family Cathedral.

He said further “We thought we had crossed the Rubicon and could turn a new leaf, end all forms of discrimination and divisions among our people after our elections.

“Sadly, we seem again to have done what we do best; namely, squander these chances and allow the dark forces of bigotry, prejudice and greed to take hold.

“As a result today, we are far more divided than we had ever been in the history of our nation,’’ Kukah said.


He appealed to Nigerians to allow for tolerance to reign among them.

“Even in his days, in spite of having fought wars to install his religion, Usman Dan Fodio still warned that; a society can live with the unbelief, but it cannot live with injustice,’’ he said.


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