Abia Facts Newspaper Personality of the Year 2017, Chief David Ogba Onuoha MFR. OON (UGOENA NDI ABIRIBA) has appreciated Abia Facts Newspaper for the Abia Facts Newspaper Personality of the Year 2017 award which will be bestowed on him on the 28th of December 2017 at Evergreen Hotel along Ojike Street in Umuahia, Abia State.

Chief (Dr) David Ogba Onuoha MFR. OON (Ugoena Ndi Abiriba), Abia Facts Newspaper Personality of the Year 2017

Bourdex, who is renowned businessman and politician took his time during his appreciation note to Abia Facts Newspaper to state why he ventured into politics which he said is for the greater good of the people.

Chief (Dr) David Ogba Onuoha MFR. OON (Ugoena Ndi Abiriba)

Read full message of Chief (Dr) David Ogba Onuoha MFR. OON (UGOENA NDI ABIRIBA) to Abia Facts Newspaper. This is a must read.


Let me begin this piece by congratulating Abia Facts Newspapers for its vision, determination and social inclusion efforts. As God’s own state, we cherish freedom and progress.

The place of communication in society, particularly in a democracy cannot be overemphasized.

As a medium of mass communication, you provide a marketplace of ideas and as purveyors of popular culture for the well being and preservation of the society.

It is communication that brings man closer to his maker and nurtures relationships. That is why in the scriptures God enjoined mankind to “come let us reason together.” Abia Facts Newspaper has keyed into this divine wisdom by developing a unique platform for NdiAbia, God’s own people, to relate and reason together. You deserve every encouragement you can get, to make Abia remain the head and not the tail.

I was touched when I read your letter detailing my nomination for special recognition through an award. Well, I hold strongly to the belief that the best way any person can show appreciation and reciprocate favours from God and man is to continue to do good to all humanity.

More importantly, you asked that I render a bird’s eye view of the challenges that lay ahead. I will oblige you with that right away. However, I hope that you will not mind the disjointed way the road map is delivered, because after a long flight from the US, I cannot defeat the ensuing jet-lag with ease. The fact that I am a frequent flier notwithstanding, I have discovered that age and multiple business meetings weeks back in America took their toll.


Let me say, in a nutshell, that what lies ahead for me is giving back to community and humanity. It is true as you pointed out in your letter that I have conquered and made huge success in the business world. I have therefore decided to take active part in social service, giving back to community, state, nation and humanity.

It is also because of this new agenda that I have joined partisan politics and expressed my determination to represent the people of Abia north in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Although close friends and business associates both in Nigeria and outside expressed reservations on why “such a decent man like me should get into the murky waters of politics”, some tell me outrightly “Chief you are not cut out for this”.

One morning during my just concluded trip to The United States, my Chinese representative Jane Peters, woke me up one morning after reading my post “An Inconvenient Truth”; in her agitation she had forgotten there was a time difference between the US and China, and she says to me, “Chief I have just finished reading your article, you are always great, but tell me will you participate in politics or not?” “Yes Jane” I replied, ‘I am going to run for the office of the Senate” and she shouts “Haa” and rambles on in Chinese which prompted me to ask what was wrong. Then she comes with a shocking tirade, “Chief politics is very complicated, but you are very kind and direct, haha, Politics must be high skills of lies, cheating, sham, but then you are wise, so you can easily judge which situation to use which way to reply and learn face control”.  She ends with a declaration “It is too complicated and not for somebody like you”. And I asked “what do you mean learn face control” and she comes back “It is Chinese proverb for when you are lying”. Wow!!!

I am however convinced as Ostien stated that “evil increases because good men choose to do nothing”.

My agenda in politics as you also noted in your letter is pursuing social good without bitterness. The problem of politics in Nigeria is that a lot of the players mix their personal economic interest in the pursuit of public office. That explains the desperation by charlatans and rogues, who think and believe that public office is passport for access to quick wealth.

I am therefore in the race to change the overall narrative about representation that has robbed the less privileged members of the society of their voice. I noticed that when those who have not conquered their acquisitive appetite or solved their domestic problems take public office, it becomes impossible for them to know that they are there to be the voice of the voiceless and hope for the hopeless and therefore in the mad rush to acquire wealth by all means they fail to differentiate what belongs to them from that which belongs to the public they claim to serve.

Just last year, a friend told me how a member of the National Assembly from our state sold a foreign scholarship to a candidate from another state and went ahead to depose to an affidavit that the said candidate was a member of his constituency. Imagine that. What should ordinarily go to an Abia youth was sold out. At the end of the day, the lawmaker would come home and throw few naira about and during election pay election officials and rig himself back into office.

I have come to fight against such thievery and deceit. That is why in my manifesto in 2015, I told my constituents that the change they yearn for is coming. Our people are tired of having evil men in power of influence and authority. It is painful to see a pauper who could not afford to do any productive business or afford three square meals go into public office and accumulate wealth while the people he is serving wallow in abject penury and destitution.

What I am saying is that leadership should been from the perspective of priesthood, it should be honourable and sacrificial. Positions of authority should not be the preserve of rich people alone, but whoever aspires for leadership should ensure that he or she should not be under any form of social pressures to undermine the interest of the masses. You should have it in mind at all times that you are there to serve not to enslave the people.

The search for this paradigm shift is part of what challenges me to do more for the people, because with the modest blessing God has showered on me, I believe I can do more with the instrument of public service to expand opportunities for our people. I believe this is also in line with the age long Abiriba culture of emphasis on age group approach to leadership development and grooming.

Also, I see some sense in the oriental style as espoused in the Vedas. When a man is 25 years he gets a wife, such that by age 50 he hands over household matters to his son so as to be free to engage in spiritual contemplation and social service. An ordered society can make life worth living, because there is opportunity for everybody to play a part.

Having said as much, let me conclude by saying that my attitude of politics without bitterness is anchored on firm belief that there is a divine hand weaving the affairs of men in line with the law of reciprocal action, or the law of sowing and reaping also known as the law of Kama.

I therefore take responsibility for my actions knowing that they will attract similar attributes.


Thank you.

Chief (Dr.) David Ogba Onuoha Bourdex MFR, OON

“Ugoena” Nde Abiriba.


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