Buhari doesn’t understand doctrine of separation of power – Emeka Kalu


Why i think the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), will win 2019 election
Chief (Dr.) Emeka Kalu the Director-General, Articulated Agenda 2019 Worldwide. In this interview with BIYI ADEGOROYE, said

What is your view on the recent suspension of Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen, especially the fears over its impact on election tribunal cases?


First of all, I am appalled that President Mohammad Buhari does not understand the doctrine of separation of powers. It is erroneous for him to think that his office is superior to the other arms of government. Granted that the President heads the Executive branch of government, which controls the nations resources, it does not, however, make the Legislative and Judiciary arms of government inferior or subservient to the Executive branch he heads.

Buhari’s suspension of CJN Onnoghen was wrong and condemnable. It clearly affirmed the saying that a ‘leopard cannot change its spot.’ Buhari is a military dictator in agbada. He acts like an emperor, lording over his minions. He abhors democracy and democratic institutions.
It is laughable that the same Buhari who ignores court orders and the rule of law will claim that the removal of CJN Onnoghen was the compliance of a ‘jankara’ court order. Buhari disrespected the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by his despotic action and must not only reinstate the CJN, but apologise to Nigerians for his reckless and unconstitutional action.

As for how the suspension may impact the post election tribunals? I am optimistic that majority of the judges will do the right thing. Recent court decisions are indicative that the era of the Executive branch dictating to the judges who to favor in their judgments are over. Posterity will always be the final judge for judges.

How do you see INEC’s resolve to collate election result manually?

Of course it is embarrassing that INEC is planning to manually collate the 2019 election results in this digital age. President Buhari and his co-travelers are deceiving themselves by believing that manual collation will make it easy for them to rig the election. How wrong they are. No amount of manipulation can save Buhari. It is game over for him.

Signing the electoral bill and automating INEC collation of results would have been recorded for him as his only tangible achievement in the four years of his unimpressive rulership. He lost that unique opportunity to write his name in gold on the sands of time for very selfish reasons.
My sincere advice to INEC is for them not to try any hanky panky to favor Buhari in this election because Nigerians will resist it completely with an unpredictable outcome.

In your opinion, what marks your presidential candidate, VP Atiku out of the pack?

There are a thousand and one reasons why Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Waziri Adamawa stands out from other contenders for the exalted office of Nigerian President. Let me outline a few.

Atiku served as Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s Vice President for eight years. There is no Nigerian alive today that understand the intricacies and workings of Nigeria better than Obasanjo. So Atiku learned from the best and, therefore, is better prepared and equipped to lead Nigeria at this moment in our nationhood.


Atiku is one of the highest employers of labour in Nigeria today. He will create jobs because he knows how to. Atiku will unite Nigeria because he is a detribalised bridge builder. His long standing bridge of friendship amongst all ethnic nationalities of Nigeria will help unite and heal the fragmentation Buhari’s maladministration brought upon our beloved country. Finally, Alhaji Atiku strongly believes in the creativity and doggedness of the Nigerian youths and poised to avail them opportunities in his government like never seen before. In summary, Atiku will make Nigeria work again.

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