“Buhari is not bound to implement 2018 budget 100 percent”

The lawmaker representing Yobe east, Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim Thursday said nobody was going to hang president Muhammadu Buhari for not implementing the 2018 budget 100 percent.


Ibrahim added that Buhari was not by any law obligated to implementing all the items contained in the budget document. And that nobody will hang him for the failure to implement all.


The lawmaker made this reaction after briefing newsmen in Abuja.


In his reaction concerning Buhari’s strong views about the 2018 budget he signed into law, Ibrahim said, “When in Nigeria have we implemented budget 100 percent? It will take us another 100 years, may be to do that. Irrespective of whatever we put in there, he doesn’t necessarily have to implement all of them.


”Every year, we talk about 50, 60, 70 percent implementation. We hardly have 80 percent. So, what does it really matter if certain things are inserted. Let him take good look at them, let him consult the right people and at the right time and decide which ones he really wants to implement. Nobody is going to hang him for not implementing the budget 100 percent. So, I don’t see any problem in that”.

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