Officials from the Department of State Services raided newspaper vendors in Asaba on Friday, the capital of the Delta state, confiscating all newspapers affiliated with the Biafra movement.

More than 1,000 copies of the tabloids related to Biafra - Biafra Times, Biafra Star, Biafra Republic, Biafra Rising Sun, Biafra Voice, Biafra Journal and Biafra Trust - were confiscated.
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The activities of security agents forced readers free of newspapers to put themselves on their heels.

The DSS agents said they obeyed an "up" directive to carry out the task, it was learned.

All the main journalistic centers of the city were raided. They included those of Ibusa Road, Nnebisi Road and Mixed Secondary School.

The officials did not indicate the reasons for the raid, but observers said the development may not be disconnected from the recent comments made by the leader of the Independent People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

Vendors located along Summit Road, Okpanam Road, Anwai Road, West End Road, Abraka and Cable Point were not left in the raid.

A newspaper distributor lamented that the raid had put fear on its salespeople, which led to a sharp drop in sales.

She said: "They (the DSS officers) were on a dangerous mission. They came with rifles of different shapes and with their usual black-and-black uniform. I wanted to run, but one of them pointed his gun at my leg. At this point, I had to stop. They sacked my newspaper stand and picked up all those who have Biafra as their heads. "

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