Reading through the piece of junk concocted by the unprepared and ad-hoc media team of Chief David Ogbah Onuoha, the CEO of the defunct Bourdex Telecom, one cannot but sense a mixture of fear, unpreparedness, gross incompetence and ignorance of the highest magnitude.

It is also Obvious that those who put that hot wash together are not privy to the fact that legislation and lawmaking which their principal covets and lusts after is not a commercial activity and buying and selling. That is the only reason why they could trivialize a debate.

Pray tell us if Bourdex and Orji Kalu are not afraid of debating with Senator Mao, why are they trumping up flimsy excuses. Lawmaking indeed is not an all comers affair. Not a business for the half educated who derive pleasure in hiding under blackmail to seek public office.


Abia Election Debate Begins on January 14, 2019

Senator Mao Ohuabunwa is and will remain a revered lawmaker that is why debating is exciting to him. Lawmaking, legislation and representation in its entirety revolves around debating as life in the plenary is about debates.

One wonders how the likes of bourdex who cannot ordinarily express himself to the people he intends to represent can stand the heat of plenary where Senators From across the length and breath of the Nation will gather.

Eloquence is a problem to Bourdex and Abia North cannot afford to send a mute to the Senate.

The only sensible thing that could be picked from the long and empty release from the rag-tag media and publicity committee of Bourdex campaign organization is that Senator Mao should present his scorecard. Of course he will and that is one of the very essence of the Debate.

Abia Election Debate: “Only incompetent Candidates Will Not Debate”


Except Speech is a problem to Bourdex as we are meant to understand, he should honour the debate, if not even to sell himself, let him come and listen and learn.

Ndukwe Orji Ndukwe Writes from Alayi in Bende Local Government Area

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