Entire Town in Fear as N*ked Woman is Found Dead With Her Breast and Legs Carved Off See Shocking Photos

Entire Town in Fear as N*ked Woman is Found Dead With Her Breast and Legs Carved Off (Photos)

A town has been left in utter fear after a n*ked woman was found dead with her breast and parts of her legs carved off.

The mutilated body was found with both hands tied with plastic bags while flesh from one breast and her legs had been sliced off
According to Daily Mail UK, a Russian town is living in fear of a ‘cannibal surgeon’ after the macabre discovery of a n*ked woman’s body with flesh carved from one breast and her legs.
The unidentified woman had been stabbed in the chest and battered on her head.
Aged around 30-years-old, her body was found with both hands wrapped in plastic bags on a riverbank in Aramil in the Urals with surgical gloves left at the sinister crime scene.
The calf muscles on both legs had been ‘carved’ from her body, and one breast dismembered with a knife.
Locals have branded the killer the ‘Aramil surgeon’.
‘We can confirm it was murder. We are looking for possible suspects,’ said a spokesman for the Investigative Committee, equivalent to the FBI.
Surgical gloves were found at the scene
He denied local rumours that other bodies had been found.
‘Local people are in panic, women are scared to go out alone, children are kept at home,’ reported news website.
Residents are demanding street patrols after the gruesome find.
‘It’s scary – we fear a cannibal is somewhere in our town,’ said one mother named Olga.
‘Her body meat was cut off, it’s so unusual.
‘We are even scared to go to work in the morning and we don’t allow children to walk alone in case the maniac attacks them for dinner.’
Oleg, who lives close to where the body was found, said: ‘Police asked for a blanket to cover the woman.
‘They asked me if I had heard something suspicious but I heard nothing.’
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