Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has revealed why he shouted at striker Raheem Sterling after his 3-1 victory over Manchester United.
David Silva scored the first goal after 12 minutes of play and Sergio Agüero added another at the start of the second half.

Anthony Martial, however, retired one of the kick after Romelu Lukaku was cut by Ederson.

After a silky move, Ilkay Gundogan produced a wonderful first touch and a second of supreme composure to seal Manchester City’s victory.

Sterling produced some overly enthusiastic steps, attracting some tackles from United players.

Guardiola made an exception to the antics at his end and headed towards Sterling with the full-time whistle.

The tirade was captured by the television cameras, as Guardiola can be seen pointing and grabbing his player passionately by the neck.

Sterling reacted slightly, pushing his boss away and questioning his vitriol.

Guardiola explained his actions at the post-match press conference and said: “He made some movements with his legs that we could avoid.”

“He is young and will learn.”

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