Georgina Onuoha Slams Yemi Osinbajo Over Plateau Massacre

Actress Georgina Onuoha is throwing some serious shades at Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, telling him he cannot serve God and man at the same time.

Georgina who took to her IG page to lament at the way the politicians are handling the matter of the Plateau massacre, especially the presidency as they are not straightforward with their information on the attackers.

Georgina has raised her concern about Osinbajo’s pastorship, wondering if he truly is a man of God.

She wrote, “I can not believe that this man is a pastor and now the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Prof Osinbano @profosinbajo , you can not serve God and Man at the same time. If the root cause of these senseless killings are not addressed it will keep repeating itself. It’s been blood bathe since this your regime because we are no longer in a democratic nation so I won’t call it administration. Resettlement and rehabilitation of these farmers is not going to stop these hoodlums from invading again. What happened to using the full force of the Nigerian arm forces to fight against these killers. If the non violent protesters of the Biafra agitators are met with killings and beatings by the Nigerian Army and armed forces ordered by your regime, what happened to using that same forces in tackling this menace ravaging our nation. It is time you begin to speak truth to power. Enough is a Enough. Extending your condolences will not change anything. Protect Nigerians with your military and save them from these herdsmen killing them.
You pastors in Nigeria have bastardized religion in Nigeria that even the people have become docile to fake miracles and prayers.
Fellow Nigerians, go and get your PVC, fasting and prayer points will not count. Only your votes will count. God will not do for man what he has given Man the ability to do for himself. Your vote is your power. They’ve used Cambridge Analytical to sow religious tensions and hate amongst us, so that their divide and conquer strategy will work. Don’t allow it this time around. Go and get your PVC. Enough is Enough. Our hearts are with the Plateau State

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