Heartbreaking Story How Jealous Woman Murdered Ex-boyfriend by Pouring Acid on Him (Photos)


A Bristol Crown Court in the UK has been told the sad story of how a scorned woman ended the life of her boyfriend by pouring acid on him.

[caption id="attachment_34779" align="aligncenter" width="1368"] Berlinah Wallace[/caption]

A scorned woman murdered her ex-boyfriend by pouring sulphuric acid over him and laughed: “if I can’t have you no-one can”, a court heard on Wednesday.

In the report by The Independent UK, the woman identified as Berlinah Wallace, 48, threw the corrosive substance in the face of Mark van Dongen that covered most of his body.

He suffered 25 percent burns and suffered such serious injuries he was left paralysed – only able to move his tongue, Mark, 29, lost a leg, his left eye, and most of the sight in his right eye following the sulphuric acid attack, Bristol Crown Court heard.

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