Horror! Jealous Step-mother Slashes Rival’s Children with Steel Blade (Photo)

Two children have been left in serious pain after they were attacked by their jealous step-mother with a steel blade.

Two children have had their backs allegedly slashed with a steel blade by a rival wife to their mother at Yaw-Golo, a farming community near Suhum in the Eastern region of Ghana, Ultimate News has reported.

The jealous woman identified simply as Vida inflicted deep blade wounds at the backs of the children after locking them up in her room. The victims are aged 7 and 8.

Narrating the incident, the youngest of the victims told Ultimate News’ Eastern regional correspondent Kojo Ansah said: ”We were playing around when she asked us to come for something. But when we got to the room, she asked us to turn our back. She then started inflicting wounds at our backs and we were bleeding, she later poured Akpeteshie (local gin) into the wounds”.

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