The Senior Special Assistant on Media at Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON), Apiah Ephraims, disclosed that the herdsmen hacked the siblings with machetes and threw them into a well, leaving them for dead.

LIB reports that the young girl survived the gruesome attack, and with deep cuts on the neck and hands, managed to crawl out of the well.

The embattled child was discovered by residents while she struggled to find her way back home.

She is currently recuperating in a local hospital.

Sadly, her brothers, Saater Yaku and Vershima Teryima died and as of the time of this report, were yet to be recovered from the well.

The report also read in part, “She was matcheted severely on the neck as well as hand and equally thrown in a well with her two elder brothers, Saater Yaku and Vershima Teryima.

“This little girl was covered by the blood of Jesus Christ as she did not die in the well but managed to crawl out with the battered injuries inflicted on her by the sword of the dreaded Fulani militia.

“As she searched for her way home, she encountered some Tiv locals who rushed her to the hospital in Jato Aka in the poll of her blood.

“This lucky Miss Wuese Yaku is recuperating in a local hospital in Jato Aka amidst severe pains.