How Tenant Dislodges Landlord, Collects Rent As Owner In Lagos And This Happen

Some residents have been nonetheless shocked how Ogbaki managed to dislodge the proprietor and compelled different tenants to pay hire on to him as the brand new landlord for some years earlier than the agent – Gloria intervened.

Gathered that Ogbaki’s unlawful possession was halted when Gloria knowledgeable him that she had been given the ability of lawyer to handle the property. He nevertheless insisted that the home belonged to him and requested the agent to supply the owner.

The matter was reported to the police at Space M Command, Idimu following a petition to the Space Commander, ACP Austines Akika.

Throughout interrogations, he was requested to supply the paperwork that confirmed that he was the proprietor of the home however he was unable to supply any. The police then found that he was not the actual proprietor of the home however imposed himself as the owner and had been accumulating hire from the tenants for these years.

He was charged earlier than Ejigbo Justice of the Peace court docket for felony conversion of one other’s property.


A 57-year previous tenant, Mr. John Ogbaki in Lagos has dislodged his landlord, taken over the possession of the home and had collected hire for 2 years.

The incident occurred at Pasty Lane at New Oko Oba Property in Lagos the place the storey constructing was positioned.

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ern, the proprietor of the home had hurriedly relocated overseas, ready a letter (the ability of lawyer) and handed the home to a feminine agent recognized as Gloria.

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