The leader of the indigenous peoples of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, who told Nigeria government that he will be coming back to the country this time with hell has also made it clear that he will sacrifice anything, including his family to obtain Biafra peacefully or by force

When asked, I know he has a son who has not established eyes on him since he was born, due to the turmoil. Do not you feel for this boy his future if something unfavorable happens to him?

In a quick response, Nnamdi Kanu said: "I am going to sacrifice anything, including my family, to ensure that Biafra is restored Any obstacle in my path will be erased.

I am not asking for Sokoto; I'm not asking for Kaduna, or Borno, I said this same land where my parents raised us; the earth Of our ancestors; over 5,000 years old, this land must be Free, absolutely free, I assure you. As we are before the white man came; If the white man had not come, I He would have no relationship with Sokoto, none at all.

"The white man is not God, only God can create a nation, Lord Luguard is not God, only God can create a nation. may l
will tell you the day Nigeria was created even to the exact second and hour, but you can not tell me when Biafra was
created. It came as a result of the organic interaction of cultures. and the value systems and traditions became one to go and Telling us who should be in a country, or not.

"Other African people can accept it, Nnamdi Kanu can not Accept that. The white man is not God and can not create a country for me Make the Nigerians sit around the table to say Have we agreed that our name is Nigeria?

We want to live together; Maybe, there will be a strong argument against
what I am proposing At this time, what we are asking to do, It's going back to where we were before 1914. From there,
Then you can start to negotiate and discuss. "

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