IS END TIME!!! Female Students Of Kogi State University Caught In S*xual Act ( Video/pix) I8+

IS END TIME!!! Female Students Of Kogi State University Caught In S3xu@l Act ( Video/pix) I8+

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Kogi State University is in the news for unpleasant reasons again as lesbian records involving students of the university recently emerged on the campus. Some of the students involved are those of Economics and English Education departments.

The two popular students in one of the videos revealed how deep the culture of Lesbianism had infiltrated the female hostels in the school.Already, one of the students is considering leaving the school to avoid possible stigmatization as the videos had gone viral.A female student in the Department of Zoology who craved anonymity, told Vanguard that Lesbianism was becoming a big issue in the university. Continue Next Page >>>
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“What they do now is to relocate off-campus in order to enjoy the privacy needed for their illicit and immoral act. Once in it, it is so difficult to renounce because lesbians share a lot of gifts to keep victims in it.

The authorities of this school may need to take drastic steps to restore the moral integrity and discipline for which we were known,” she said.

When Vanguard got in contact with one of the lesbians, she said she was lured into Lesbianism in her first week on campus by a very wealthy 300 student.

She said she was not aware that their s*x escapades were recorded. “My attention was drawn to the video in circulation by one of my friends. When I watched it, I knew that was the end of my stay in this school.

“Many of my course mates already have the video, so it will be difficult for me to continue. I have brought shame to myself and my family,” she lamented.

Sources say investigations into the issue of Lesbianism among the students had commenced.

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