“It’s been complete hell” Nigerian Army kill 50 in a peaceful protest yesterday

Yesterday, the Nigerian army killed 50 Nigerians in a peaceful protest. Sunni Muslims are pushing the narrative that the Shiites are against the federal government and are a threat to our democracy and unfortunately many people are buying it.

The Fulani pastors have killed people in this country for as long as we can remember, but no military action has been taken against them. The government is playing politics with Boko Haram, but this same government quickly assassinates unarmed protesters such as the Shiites and the IPOB.

I do not belong to any of these groups and I do not share their feelings, but any group has the right to protest whenever it is done within the scope of the law. None of these groups carried weapons against the state. Personally, I have led separately through a Shiite march in Abuja and the Kaduna road. They are organized and even make you pass.

The Nigerian government led by the Sunnis strives to change the narrative, but the world is watching. Three years ago, 1000 of them were murdered and buried in mass graves, women and children included (an investigation panel confirmed this). Now we have 50 murdered in cold blood.

Before leaving this post, let me remind you that in the state of Bauchi in 2014, the supporters of Buhari and APC stoned President Goodluck Jonathan, the vehicle of the then C-in-C, but no one was killed. In Kaduna, the campaign buses of the then ruling PDP were burned, but once again no one was killed.

There is no excuse for using lethal force on unarmed civilians.


This post is from a Facebook reader and has nothing to do with A Day Info in time of prove and confirmation

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