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Job Vacancies Or Death Traps?

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Job Vacancies Or Death Traps?

It is a usual thing these days to see job vacancies advertised by the roadside, junctions and bridges in Nigerian cities, but these “opportunities” may not at all be what they appear to be in reality.

File photo: Nigerian youths
It is time that governments at all levels, including the law enforcement and non-statutory vigilante organisations, took more than a passing interest in the rash of “job opportunities” being advertised at prominent junctions, crossroads and pasted on walls and bridges, especially in major urban centres throughout the federation.
These “job vacancies”, usually written with chalk or charcoal, or simply printed out on cheap A4 printing papers, advertise various categories of (usually) casual or manual labour, some of them offering daily pay packages that many young, unemployed people find irresistible. Usually, the advertisers leave contact phone numbers but hardly concrete office addresses.


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