“The pastor in a most bizarre manner gruesomely murdered three of his own flock, including an unborn child,”Okoro said.

According to him, the pastor had a sexual  relationship  with 25 year-old Onweagbo, which resulted into a pregnancy.

On Dec 11, 2017,  Ada Ezeawa and Onweagbo, along with  her baby  strapped to her back, set out to confront  the pastor over the pregnancy.

DCP Okoro said the pastor ingeniously separated his accusers,  by luring Ada Ezeawa to an uncompleted building, while he told Onweagbo  to stay three “poles” away.

According to Okoro, the pastor  strangled Ezeawa in the uncompleted building

Moments after,  the suspect  rejoined Onweagbo and left with her and the baby on a tricycle (keke) to Afam Roundabout. From the roundabout, they took a motorbike to an isolated bush on Igberu Road.

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