Latest Update! Nigeria vs Argentina 1-1 World Cup 2018 2Half

53mins Moses Score

2Half – Nigeria 1:1 Argentina

Penalty confirmed!

That is really harsh on Mascherano. He has his arms around the Nigerian but doesn’t really force him anywhere and he falls to the ground. VAR says it’s a penalty though. Huge moment coming up for Moses.


Messi is really on it tonight. Everything he touches is working the way he wants it to, and his movement off the ball is helping Argentina link short passes in the final third. He very nearly forces an opportunity to score but some great focused tracking by his marker ends the chances of that.

Nigerians have more hope believe they will win the match.

As Argentina celebrate their 1-0 win halftime.

! Nigeria 0:1 Argentina: What’ll happen if Super Eagles don’t qualify


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