Linda Ikeji’s Made In Gidi Show: Housemates Giving Oral $ex, Nigerians React Watch Video


Linda Ikeji’s Made In Gidi show has been steeped in controversy since the day it launched.

Here, housemates were recorded fondling breasts and performing cunnilingus

Read comments below:

vinnysblogPunani is on fire 🔥…….dice pineapple😋😋licky licky galore…….👅👅#Cunninglingus#BrestFondling

Hulala! Thou shall not look twice or else issa bad shild 😂🤣 #MadeInGidi my eyes refused to be disvirgined 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

see rubbish o
  • junebug_ddfTueh, when these ones come out they will be looking for endorsements
  • obianuju_la_reineNo be small thing o
  • herdeybeceyWhich station is airing it?
  • u_uche@ifychuma1 chineke napu kwa ekwensu ike
  • misshils0011All these ones have family
  • tinaoniovosaGod punish u that post this nonsense
  • funmifashionstoreOk so this so so not nice….What’s this…the last tym I checked..prostitution isn’t legalised in nigeria Cox I really see no differnce in this
  • mz_greenzee@ellaa_show so now they think they have don’t something interesting…. Nonsense 😑😏
  • sexy2847@junebug_ddf u can just imagine
  • ogbaokuulomasoniaThis is disgraceful I swear,must the content in this show be about sex and immorality.
  • sweet.minii552_This is so unacceptable
  • miss_preshy@iam_omarh there’s no hope for this people oo
  • mhercciIs this real😱…Linda ‘s show ke… Haven’t even seen a singe episode…there’s nothing like bbn 😥😥
  • haewhizzy@ameeen__
  • haewhizzy@ellaa_show 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️
  • q_estyAwon Onisekuse 😒😏😏
  • iam_robinjayWho is responsible for this
  • iam_robinjay@tinaoniovosa why do you have to come to someone’s blog to curse
  • ngozijannnyerukaMy feed is flooded with this nonsense and I am tired of clicking ‘show fewer post like this’ so at this point I have to drop a comment. 👉🏾Congratulations Linda Ikeji on all your business endeavours we celebrate you however this “Made In Gidi” show is just out of control! I understand the “entertainment” factor but surely there has to be boundaries??? The clips being circulated are simply soft porn! Where do we draw the line between entertainment and morals/principle?
    Ndani TV takes you inside Africa, Ebony Life TV has indeed changed the narrative about Africa and tells our stories from our perspective and LITV most definitely can be the Netflix of Africa but does it have to be at the cost of the integrity of these youths willing to do anything for fame??!!!….. you’re more creative than that.Youths of Nigeria 🇳🇬 get your #PVC Election is around the corner. Instagram will not register your votes.✌🏾


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