Here Is The List Of The Top 5 Most Educated State In Nigeria [Find Out If Your State Is Among Them]

Education is key to the development of any society. In Nigeria today, the level of education across the country is not the same. See the most educated states in Nigeria. Find out if your state is among them.

There are thirty-six states and the Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria. The level of education across all the thirty-six states is not the same. Education and the level of literacy in the northern states are still below the acceptable level for this 21st century.

States in the southern part of Nigeria are more educated. There are more standard schools and higher institutions in some of these states. The literacy level i.e. the number of people who can read and write especially women is also higher in the southern states.

Some of these states have also produced most of the scholars and professors in Nigeria today. According to these criteria and based on National University Commission statistics, we believe these are the top 5 most educated states in Nigeria:






You might not totally agree with this ranking but these are just our views based on statistical data.

These states we believe are sure among the most educated. We hope that very soon the list will include more Nigerian states as a result of the growth of the education level in the country. We always believe in better.

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