Messi makes three fantastic choices as he picks his best goalkeepers

Lionel Messi is regarded as one of the greatest attackers the game has ever seen throughout history and for goalkeepers,he is their worst nightmare.In a chat with FIFA TV, Messi made some interesting revelations as he spoke about his best goal, best stadium, the best goalkeeper he has face, his favourite food and his favourite legend of the game.The five Ballon d’Or winner’s choice for his best goal was his goal in the 2009 Champions League final against Manchester United in Rome.Leo remembers the goal constantly and it holds significance to Leo for so many reasons. One, he remembers his struggles asa child and how he sufferedwith growth hormone problems, and to eventually score with his head in such a big stage was something special.Another reason for his choice could also be because it was his first Champions League, having missed out in 2006 because of injury and they were facing the reigning UCL Champions.
For the best goalkeepers hehas faced, Messi pickedGianluigi Buffon, Manuel Neuer and Iker Casillas.As for the best thing about being a footballer: “Being able to enjoy a profession I’ve liked since I was a boy and being able to do it in front of lots of people.”

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