Must Read: “My Message To The North. If Igbos Leave, Nigeria Ends”


From a Reader:A lot has been said about the Biafra agitation but I want to bare my mind on the issue.

If the Arewa youths think that they Igbos can leave while they will settle down and enjoy the rest of Nigeria then they are badly mistaken. If the Igbos leave today, the Niger Delta will leave as well. This will largely leave the hausa/Fulani with the Yorubas and I am sure the Yorubas will not want to exist in Nigeria only with the hausa/Fulani.

The MB will be greatly distressed if violence should break out in the event of Nigeria breaking up. This is because the region is like a buffer between the south and the jihardist core north.

If Nigeria breaks today the Igbo country will cover all parts of Igboland including our lands in Rivers and Delta states.
The Igbos will not force any group to join us but will welcome those that want to be part of us.
I am not advocating for Nigeria’s break up but if it must break, it would be better to split into two i.e north and south.
My worry is for the Christian minorities in the north

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