My Course Rep Turns Me On Anytime, Am Crushing On Him But..

First, i want to be clear that this isn’t a case of forming hard to get.
I’ve been broken once before by a crush and I had to learn the hard way of keeping it all secret.

So I’m a 100 lvl student in a Nigeria university and my course rep is extremely handsome, friendly, tall, and very dope- he walks like a God, dresses with aĺl prestige, and smells like fresh dew. He has nice smile, what i love most is his skin, which is always glowing and very beautiful to look at. He turns me on like stupid.

it never ends well, I’ll enhance his self esteem at the end and he’ll start to avoid me altogether. I also do NOT want to stop crushing on him. Yes, I know 90% that it’ll not work out at the end.

1. Avoid looking at him, ever. On the streets, i pretend to look at my phone when passing him.
Although I take a peek with my peripheral side vision sometimes, that’s that.

2. I sit faraway in class, where I can focus 100% on myself. I sit in front of him normally and I never look back. Ever.

3. We are just “greeting” friends, we don’t talk much, just greet once in a while. And I try to act as uninterested as possible.

4. I once tried getting him a gift (candy)last semester to make him know I exist, and that’s how the friendship started, i havent given him any gifts since then. In fact, i simply ignore him.

but he doesn’t know I like him and I must be really careful.

I don’t know what to do.

PS: don’t tell me to confess my crush or give him GREENLIGHTS, because I would rather die than do any of the above options.

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