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Why I Named My Newborn Son ‘Google’ – Ghanaian Movie Producer Opens Up

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While speaking in an exclusive chat with, Ghanaian movie producer, Francis Dzogbetsi, has explained why he named his newly born baby, ‘Google’.

Dzogbetsi said that his son was also named after popular music and movie producer and business tycoon, Ahmed Banda.

During the naming ceremony of the 21-day old cute boy, Francis decided to name his son after after the world’s largest search engine. Google Ahmed Banda who was born on October 10, 2017.

Explaining why the boy is called Google, Dzogbetsi said; “he is going to be my researcher.

“I’m not educated and I’ve been searching everything I want to know on google. I’ve always planned to name my first child Google so that he/she helps in researching”.


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