Native doctors, others protest in the city of Benin (Photos)

Native doctors challenge the government and protest electricity in Benin

Civil society, communities and consumers of electricity, including native doctors, met to protest in the city of Benin, Edo state, against the supposed plan to renew the operating license of the Electricity Distribution Company of Benin (BEDC).

The incident supposedly happened today.

The Public Relations Officer of Civil Society Organizations of the State of Edo (EDOSCO), Osaze Edigin, said that the peaceful demonstration that will last three days is to draw BPE’s attention to the “incompetence of the distribution company.”

Osaze said that the Performance Contract in which the company entered with the Federal Government expired on October 31, 2018 and not the proposed extension of December 2019 by BPP.

In addition, he revealed that “BEDC’s operating license should not be extended or renewed. BPP and NERC can not be compromised. ”

The protesters said: “Today we are in collaboration with other interest groups and critical stakeholders, reaffirming our position that the operators of the BEDC do not deserve an extension or renewal of the operational license for one day after October 31, 2018.” .

“We vehemently oppose and demand BPP and NERC to pursue the happiness of the people they swore to serve.”

“The BPP and the NERC should not show the position that suggests that they have been compromised by the DISCO as the Nigerians in the states of Edo, Delta, Ondo and Ekiti seriously expect that the license of Vigeo Holdings Limited will not be extended and renewed. operators of the Benin distributor (BEDCp0


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