Ngwa Road Market Textile Traders Protests Against Bakasi Heavy Illegal Levy and This Happen

Report reaching A Day Info News. that Ngwa Road market textile traders protests against BAKASI heavy illegal levy vow not to continue paying.

Today have marked a protest by Ngwa Road Aba Texile Traders against Bakasi levies.
As they matched forward to FM and TV stations within Aba Abia State to pour out their mind to the hearing of everyone as they were been led by Enyimba, the woman who started this revolution against the market authority.

They moved ahead with their songs as they declares not to pay Bakasi levies anymore after alerts that Bakasi invaded the market harassing traders over the unpaid Bakasi levies.
At the same time the continued to voice out that they still will not pay any other levies of current or later.

Enyimba charged all the men and women of Texile traders off Ngwa Road market to endeavor to be part of their protests as they recalls that the levies which they pay within the year is become too many and most of which are not legalized by the Government of Abia State.

They have gone to Aba High Court severally over same issues of Levies in the Market. And finally they have decided not to pay any other levies of both current and later to come.

We will bring more details later…

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