Nnamdi Kanu carefully points out part of Buhari’s body that was cloned

Nnamdi Kanu revealed part of President Buhari’s body that was cloned

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In his latest broadcast from Israel, Nnamdi Kanu explained that the current president of Nigeria who is believed to be Muhammadu Buhari is not a clone but an impostor of Sudan.

He stated that in this plural attempt by the Nigerian government to divert public attention from the “facts” that he is presenting to the world. According to his story, the only part of Buhari that was cloned is his left ear that was not perfectly fixed.

“What you are cloning about Buhari is the ear, you know the ear on the back of the mouse, that is what they are cloning. Because when they cut the ear, now they can cut it with the shape of the dead Buhari. You have noticed that they never photographed the left ear. Have you noticed everything about you? They never let you near. “He also explained that the soldiers were located three miles from Buhari when he recently visited Maiduguri, Borno State, to prevent them from having any clues about the imposter.

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