Not IBB, Nor OBJ: Meet The Men Who Will Deny Buhari A 2nd Term (Photos)

One of the things I have resolved to do this year is to find joy in everything I come across. The kind of joy that keeps you sane through the toughest of times. That one which keeps you going when the fiercest challenges rise; the kind of joy that makes you smile when you hit the rock at the bottom of the bottom, in a tunnel with no lights.

These days, however, it is difficult to keep up with that joy; when you follow the social, economic and especially political developments in Nigeria. When you read the news or in my case, [sometimes] write the news, and you see things from 10 centuries ago playing out in the 21st century, you just cringe. But like I love to say; “Nothing can bring Mayowa down in 2018,” and yes, not even political developments in Nigeria.

So rather than get angry at some things and some people, I will offer free advice to the president, the man at the centre of many of these issues, and stay in a good mental state.

Mr. President, I understand you will be running for a second term, and your team is gearing up for the mother of all campaigns. I wish you luck. But just to remind you, sir, the history of Nigeria and its political divinations is not in favour of luck. The lucky ones from a few days ago are now the men of yesterday.

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