Oh No: 2face Is A Very Fake & A Stupid Boy – Eedris Abdulkareem

Eedris has blasted 2face in a reply, saying 2face is a two-faced, fake, stupid boy who is used to deceiving Nigerians. Eedris also said he was the one that introduced 2face to Kenny Ogungbe of Kennis Records, the record label that shot him to prominence.

Read his reply to 2face via an exclusive interview with Saturday Beats:
“Tuface is the definition of his name. He is a very fake person but you would think he is a good person. Life is not about competition but about doing the right thing when God gives you the power to do it.

My problem with Tuface is this, if he tells you good morning, go and check the time. It was the same Tuface that took Nigerians on a ride; he told them that we should protest, he made so much noise but we all know how that ended.

He knows exactly who sent him to do that and after everything, he backed out. So his name is Tuface but he should not call himself Tubaba, he should remain Tuface.

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