Overwhelmed Waiter Receives Generous Tip From Couple Celebrating Their Anniversary (Guess What)!!

Very rarely do we come across a story where bad service gives way to a great tip. Then again, never before have Makenzie and Steven Schultz made headlines.

The married couple was celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary at a restaurant that had horrible service, so bad in fact, that the two took to Facebook afterwards.

“It took 20 minutes to get water, 40 minutes for an appetizer, and over an hour for our entree,” Mackenzie writes on Facebook. But she didn’t take to social media to vent her frustrations, nor did she hop online to demand a redo from the restaurant.

Instead, this charming chap jumped on social media to publically give herself a pat on the back. She told about how awful the service was, and despite the long wait times, the couple still left a $100 tip. There’s nothing like spreading forth the love and compassion while you publically show the world what a wonderful human you are.

Not only did they share their story on Facebook, they also had their generosity picked up by local media outlets. Then, national media outlets went on to publically give the two that pat on the back they so clearly deserved for their selfless and (dare we say) humble deed.

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