Popular Realtor Sujimoto Ready To Offer N5 Million To Whoever Can Present An Old Photo Of Him With MKO Abiola In 1993

Realtor Sijibomi Ogundele, popularly known as Sujimoto, took to his Instagram page to share a story of his 5 minutes encounter with MKO Abiola when he was just 12 years old.

He went on to say he will give 5million naira to anyone who can dig the photo he took with the late politician during the said meeting.

He wrote, “MKO: “What’s is your name young man?” 12 Year old me: “Olasijibomi sir.” MKO: “Oluwa aashiiji bo e.” I was only 12, but this 5min encounter shaped my future.

The people you meet will either break you or make you. The 5min encounter with MKO somehow transformed my thought process and helped me reposition my imagination. I just started thinking BIG.

Who have you met or who are you planning to meet that you believe will reshape your future? Comment below

1+1 is still 11, a failure is no.more an option.”

This is going to turn into a real hunt.

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