What Presidential Aspirant Atiku Abubakar Has To Say On Blockbuster Movie ‘Black Panther’ Is Inspiring



“Over the weekend, I joined my children to watch the much-talked about ‘Black Panther’. It was a good film, and I was happy they took me to see it. However, I came out of the cinema a little upset.

When the first scenes came up, and I saw “Sambisa Forest”, I was unhappy that the only reference the film-makers could have for Nigeria was a negative one, but I was later encouraged by the thought of Africans solving African problems.

“That is a good thing, the kinds of things we used to do. For young people who may not remember, Nigerian civil servants and indeed most able citizens used to contribute money every month to support the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa.

“Nigeria was the single stabilizing force across West Africa. Helping to restore peace in Liberia and Sierra Leone are examples of the gigantic status we once had.”

“Seeing another African country come play ‘Big Brother’ to Nigeria made me very sad. We must return to a place of respect. We may argue that the film is a work of fiction, but there are many truths in the story. One of them is that young girls are being abducted by terrorists across the northeastern region of Nigeria, and they need to be rescued.

“Only recently, a band of terrorists stormed another girls’ school in Dapchi, Yobe State. After days of confusing information, it is now confirmed that 110 girls are missing. Nigeria has once again been thrown into sorrow with many of us wishing that there was indeed a ‘Black Panther’ to help rescue the girls.

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