QUIT NOW! Secondus tells Buhari

The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to quit the stage now that it’s evident that he cannot hold the government and the country together. Reacting to the Tuesday’s resolutions of the National Assembly threatening to invoke their constitutional powers on the President if a number of constitutional infringements are not quickly addressed and stemmed, Prince Secondus said that there is no further confirmation that the President is presiding over a collapsed administration. In a statement signed by media Adviser, Ike Abonyi, the PDP National leader said that the position of the parliament reflects clearly that of a cross-section of Nigerians and should be respected. “Evidence abide globally that by parliamentary powers the resolution of the National Assembly means that the people have lost confidence in the President and he should quit.“We in the opposition have been saying it interminably that this government has no direction and does not mean well for the country,” he said.According to Prince Secondus, all lovers of democracy should queue behind the National Assembly at this critical time and put pressure on the President to leave the stage now and save the nation’s democracy.He added that the Buhari government has exhibited all traits of a failed administration and did not need to wait for the parliament to give it a quit notice.“History is a witness that when a government is bereft of ideas and still wants to cling on to power, it resorts to use of brute force, intimidation and harassment of opponents, a quality we have seen very blatantly in this regime.The PDP national chairman asserted that a supposed civilian government that does not want institutions of democracy to strive should be called its exact name-dictatorship.“The legislature and the Judiciary are the two main arms of any democratic government all over the World, but this administration has deliberately made the operations of the two very tasking in the last three years.“How do you explain the assault on the nation’s Senate by an ostensibly executive backed hoodlums who not only disrupted proceedings but abducted the mace the symbol of parliamentary authority?

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